The “Jobsian Promise” all technology marketers should make and keep.

Spend time at any of the April Six offices worldwide—Yes, come visit us!—and you’re likely to find colleagues discussing (and debating) the evolving state of technology marketing. It’s a fundamental issue for the agency and our clients, because it gets to the heart of what makes a truly great B2B brand.

Clearly, there’s no equivalent of a Hippocratic Oath for technology marketers (Seems we’re allowed to do all the harm we can). But, suppose there was a higher standard...a “Jobsian Promise,” if you will. We’d want it to be as simple as this:

First, be your brand.

In other words, stand for something that matters, something that only your brand can own. It really is more important now than ever. With growing pressure from both traditional competitors and outside disruptors, no technology brand can afford to remain unclear about what it stands for. Simply stated, establish a single, relevant point-of-view and stick with it. Basic enough, right? Yet, to take a close look at the global marketing landscape is to observe one technology brand after another saying many things and standing for next-to-nothing.

First, be your brand.

It’s an idea we began embracing with our own brand from day one. Literally. And it’s what separates us from a growing number of agencies having to suddenly rethink the kind of marketing partner they want to be—or deciding which “cloud-enabled digital-content lead-gen full-funnel real-time engagement niche" seems most profitable at the moment. That’s not April Six. We’ve never been conflicted about our mission. It’s a good day for technology.

Then again, that’s just us being our brand.