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Spotlight: Meet our new Associate Creative Director

April Six




To build the best team, you need to find the right people. At April Six we’re always searching for talented individuals to join us. And we’re delighted to have found Thomas Wallis, who has joined the agency as Associate Creative Director.

As he walked into the office on his first day, we threw some quick-fire questions at Tom. It’s sort of like speed dating, but professional.


What are you excited about?

Joining April Six has been a huge move for me. The team here are award winning, and I’m excited about collaborating with them to create some truly exceptional work for our clients. I’ll be pushing to add to the trophy cabinet as well, don’t you worry.

What are you bringing with you?

I’ve got bags of experience across B2B and B2C, but one area I’m really looking forward to impacting is April Six’s account-based marketing offering. It’s a marketing strategy that I’ve been specialising in for the past 18 months, and I can already see a few projects that could really go stratospheric with some ABM techniques added to the mix.

What motivates you to work hard?

That feeling when you’ve nailed the brief, come up with something unexpected and you see the nods and smiles from the client. You just can’t beat it.

What does your daughter think you do?

I have a two-year-old, and she likes to pretend she’s “going to work” by sitting at my desk at home and pretending to tap away on a keyboard. Any object will do – from a powered down laptop to the cover of a magazine – when she works she just taps away. So, I guess she thinks I sit around and tap my fingers all day.

One-word answers time! From here on out, answer with a single word to these questions. Got it?


Good start. You wouldn’t believe how many people fall down at the first hurdle. What’s your biggest fear?


Favourite colour?


Would you rather ride a bike, a horse, or drive a car?


Which is the best vegetable?


And finally – and feel free to use more than one word for this – what are your two biggest pet peeves?

When it comes to creative work, it really sticks out to me when execution hasn’t been properly thought through. You’ll have seen it yourself; the great tagline let down by lacklustre imagery, or stunning imagery that has no clear message. Another thing that irks me is a mistake, especially in writing.

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