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Zoom and we're virtually there...

Emma Fisher

Backgrounds to brighten up your day

With working from home the new norm and Zoom video calls the new face of business meetings, there's plenty of creativity to be had. No need to settle for showing the world the same four walls of your lounge or study day in, day out. No! The world of Hollywood green screens is just a click away.

Simply download any of the images or videos below and follow the instructions to replace your boring backgrounds with these showy scenes.

  1. Right click to save your chosen backgrounds below
  2. Go to your Zoom ‘settings’ or click the arrow next to the video icon when you are on a call

  3. Click on ‘Virtual background’ and then ‘add image’ – browse, upload and select your background of choice.

  4. Hey presto! These will remain as your default for all future calls.

Feel free to share these with friends, colleagues or on your social channels.








Click through to Vimeo to download these as mp4s





Zoom has a detailed help page if you run into trouble.

And if you’d like us to create a customised background for your organisation, drop us a line below.